T shirts

children right club seeks 4 forteen playing costumes thro school box
81 ngwata 90129 kenya by silanga teacher

silence for long

hey all Silanga laptop is not functioning completely due to it was
rained and water entered to it ,Dan took it but know Silanga has no
laptop.We have alot to tell about the school anthletic team,Music
festival,Scout movement and wildlife club.Please the parents have
stoped leaning computer ,teachers and pupils too.Assist as with one
computer to be online as we were last time.Goodluck from SILANGA

Silanga secondary

The form ones have been admitted they are 20 now with 2teachers from
the B.O.G .The toilets are on construction .

Computer studies

Silanga primary have planned to start the ICT Feb.The member of parliament of Kibwezi promised to provide electricity.We pray God he do not change his mind.